Thursday, April 24, 2014

Will, I hope you know how much I love you.

My dear boy.

I have thought about writing to you ever since you were in your mom's belly.  I was so excited to meet you that I never made myself write down my thoughts about being your dad.  I thought now that you are just 2 that I might be able to put into to words how crazy I am about being your dad and some life  lessons I can try to pass on.  I do hope that we have many wonderful conversations that allow me to impart my wisdom or whatever you might think of it onto you.  You know I didn't have a dad growing up, so my hope is that we learn a few lessons together.  Write our own history together if you will.  So let me paint a picture of your first two years with me as best I can in hopes you get a glimpse of what it was like inthe beginning.

March 1st, 2012

Today was your birthday and we had this plkanned as you were a c-section birth.  Your were all twisted in some sort of strange yoga pose and well couldn't be born normally.  I want you to remember that word normal as you have yet to be the normal child.  So there you were born around 10ish I think and you came out screaming with your legs pointed towards your head.  Almost like a doll withthe legs turned up.  It was odd, but there you were my boy.  I was pretty excited, but worried about your mom as she had a difficult time with the birth and I wanted to make sure she was ok.  You were having some small issues with breathing onyour own the way the doctors took you away from us and I was not happy.  I know they needed to, but well, you were my son and I wanted to protect you.

You spent the next several hours in the intensive care unit for babies.  I visited you many times and I have to admit it broke my heart to see you in this state.  Thank goodness it didn't last long and you were with us later that day.  I will never forget how small and fragile you looked and how helpless I felt.  Worst feeling ever for a dad for sure!  Your mom also had some issues after you came and so we spent a few extra days in the hospital aking sure everyone was ok.  I couldn't wait until we could take you home.

Your first two years of life seem like a blur to me.  We loved you so much and mom and i often argued who held you or gave you a bottle.  Typically it was during the night when we would begin pushing each other out of bed to take care of you.  I never slept so I typically took you in the morning before I went back to work.  One of our best moments with you was figuring out the diaper on a boy issue.  You would pee all over the place when your diaper was on or wet all through your clothes and bed.  Finally we figured out the problem and began to "tuck" you away in the diaper and the problem was solved.  We laughed about that for a long time.

You and I have a long future ahead of us, so that is all for today.  We will pick this up soon, as I have loads to share.

I wanted to end each note with a rule that I want you to follow.  Now, remember I didn't have any father guiding me, so these are rules I have learned on my own or seem like common sense.

Rule #1:  Never hit a girl, for any reason.  No matter what it is, no one will understand and never be on your side.

Love ya buddy.


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