Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Families aren't always what you read about in story books.

Dear Will,

I wanted to take a brief moment to explain our family to you so that you have on record how we all came to be.  Let us begin with the obvious info.  You belong to mommy and I, we are your parents and you were our little miracle as mom and I loved each other very much.  You also have a sister Gabby, whom you have called Bobby ever since you could talk.  We love her very much, but you two have different mothers.  See mom and I were both married to different people before we met each other.  While I was married before, I had Gabby with her mom.  Your mom did not have any children before you as she was waiting to have you with me...that is what I tell myself. :)

You know mommy's parents (grammy and gramps) her sisters and their husbands (Uncle Dave and Aunt Kate, their kids Sophie and Jack) and then there is mommy's other sister (Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kristy).  I don't have parents like mom has.  You see my parents are bad people and either they did not want to be in our lives or we chose to eliminate then from our family.  So my family is now you, Gabby, and mom and all of her family.  They are all wonderful people and your grandfather used to ride Harleys a bunch, but no longer does.  We will talk about that another time.

The point to all of this back ground besides a simple explanation is that family is so much more than who you are related to by blood.  In fact I have few blood relatives that I actually call family.  See family to me are people who look out for you, love you for all of the good stuff and help you fix the bad stuff.  Take Uncle Eddie and Aunt Nancy for example.  They are wonderful people we met when we moved into our house.  They love you so much that they became like family to us.  You have and will learn so much about cars, fixing stuff, and motorcycles from Uncle Eddie (that is how I learned) and Aunt Nancy is one of the most positive and happy people you will ever meet.  If you end up being grumpy like Uncle Eddie and I then you need an Aunt Nancy to keep you happy.

Anyway, my point in all  of this is to let you know that some day you might get married and have more family.  You don't get to pick them, but if your wife is a wonderful person, most likely she will have great family.  Mom and I want you to know that you will always have us to lean on or kick you in the paqnts if need be, but whatever you seek we will deliver with love.

You are an aazing little boy already and we love you loads.

Until next time.

Love Dad

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