Friday, April 25, 2014

Remembering fondly

Dear Will,

As usual I got up with you this morning with you upset and wanting mommy, which is a typical routine we have.  You see our relationship is a strange one that ebbs and flows between happy and "get away from me."  The latter being a bit harder for me to deal with.  I love you pal and always will no matter what you do, however you and I show it a bit differently.  Sure your mom is great to cuddle do you think you got here, but you and I tend to compete for her attention.  You usually win you little stinker.

While you most likely will have little memory of this, your current favorite thing is to eat a cookie (which you call titty making me laugh every time) and watch a movie.  This morning it was Cinderella and your favorite part are the mice messing with the cat.  You giggle and squeal as though you funniest ever.  I need to video tape it and link it here so you can see what you were like when you were a wee boy.  It is one of my favorite times of the day.  Your smile and laugh are pure joy and unlike anything you see on an adult.  Shame as it is contagious.

I didn't have much today to share other than what was posted, but I love you Will, you are my boy and I love everyday we have together.

Rule #2

Your mom is always right, even when she is wrong she is just testing us.  A happy wife equals a happy life.

Love ya,


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