Monday, May 12, 2014

The spice of life

Dear Will,

This past weekend we celebrated your second Mother's Day and you did loads of awesome stuff for mom.  You took down all of the shutters on the house and painted them a new color mom wanted.  Then you installed them while hanging out of the window, smashed your foot, arm, and leg with the ladder.  You plan to buy mom a new swim suit for the summer and cooked a really nice steak.  Well, maybe I did those things, but it was from you for sure.

You have to understand that the first love of your life was your mom.  You love her with out bounds or fear of other's opinions.  I do too, but it is a different kind of love.  The kind of love I wish for you some day with a spouse of your choosing.  I don't care if it is a guy or girl as long as you are happy and you enjoy making that person happy.  That my boy is my greatest hope for you.

See Will, I believe that love is what drives every man and woman in all situations.  Sure there will be a guy who loves his car, bike, boat, dog.  A woman who loves her shoes, purse, house, etc.  However, there are two types of love that are worth focusing on.  Number one is the parent child love.  The kind that made me want to kill a dog who attacked you.  I couldn't control myself thinking I needed todo anything   and everything to protect you.  It will be the same way when your sister dates boys.  I watch this with my friends who also have daughters and hope to pull this off some day.  WHEN I do, it will be  epic!  Check this out  You cannot tell me that isn't funny.

Ok, back to my point...The love you feel for your mom and I as well as Gabby is unique to how you see your family.  It changes as you get older and when your mom pisses you off.  I of course will never piss you off, so we are good.  Then there is the love you have when you are crazy head over heels falling in love.  Like the way I love your mom.  This is the type of love is when you are able to breath easier when that person in the same room with you.  The kind of love that makes you excited just to think about them.  The kind of love that you have no problem sacrificing anything and everything you own or could do to make them happy.  It is the kind of love that Dr. Phil says isn't good.  He is a wind bag and if you start buying into his bs then we will have to start over and un-train the crap right out of you.

Someday I hope you find your true love.  It took me a rough draft before I could have my final one.  Your mom is something special,unlike any woman I have ever met.  She isn't perfect, but none of us are and I find her perfect for me.  Now, that is what you need to find, someone for you like your mom is for me.

Good luck son!

Love ya,


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