Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thanks Ralph!

Dear Will,

I will admit that it is my hope that I will be your superhero for years to come.  No I cannot fly, lift buildings up with one hand, or shoot toxic boogers from my nose.  I had my favorite superheroes when I was young and I loved Batman (I still do) as well as Superman and the Green Lantern.  Yet as I got older those superheroes changed to fit the particular "thing" I was into at the moment.

Today I still have heroes, but they are different and my idea of a hero is more people I admire or truly enjoy their contributions to my world.  For example our current President of the US is Barack Obama and I might not always agree with his policies or actions, but he is my President and has earned my respect.  His job is the most difficult job in the world and he deserves (as do any former or future presidents) our respect.

Then there are the people who make our lives better by creating passion...passion that fuels our desires, dreams, and adventures.  So Will, my current hero is Ralph Gilles the current man in charge at SRT.  Some day when you read this Ralph might be in another position or another company.  However, today May 21st, 2014 he has once again made me very happy.  While I know you are aware of my love for MOPAR cars, I particularly enjoy the SRT division which is the more powerful and better cars atmo. (I'll explain atmo later)

Today is the day after Dodge and more importantly Ralph launched this!

2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat and it could be the most beautiful and exquisitely performing car I will ever get to drive.  I don't know if we will ever be able to own one w/o winning the lottery, but it would be my dream to.  This is the car I dream about owning with you son.  I want us to work on it, drive together on awesome roads, and have adventures in this car or type of car.  I hope some day to pass down a car like this to you as you will love it as much as I do.  I hope your love for cars grows from its current state (love of match box cars) to where we can share the joy together.

Heroes are normal people who do amazing things.  The men and women in the military, police, firemen, and of course us teachers.  Will, someday you will be grown up, but I implore you to find heroes in your life. In the mean time, you and I can share Ralph!

Love ya son,


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